Confusing Results When Running Tests on Tribute Page

The results at the bottom of the page are:

passes: 0
failures: 0
duration: 0s

I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. I’m pretty sure I have everything I’m supposed to have. Here is a link to my pen:

It just seems odd that it’s 0 passes and 0 failures. How can it be both?

Thanks in advance!

it passed 9 out of 10 when I tried it. Are you sure you have the right test suit selected (the dropdown)

Same situation here.
The only test that didn’t pass was #10.
Make the image responsive and you will have a 100% passing grade.

I used bootstrap to make it responsive (I did it a while back when bootstrap was taught before that project), but I think just making it so that the max-width is not more than 90% should fix it.

I have that selected in the dropdown and get the following when I click “Run Tests” (Click on picture to see message at bottom as well):

Could it be something with Chrome? I am using Chrome on Windows 10 Pro x64.

yeah that’s real odd. I’m using Chrome on win10 as well, and I’ve never had that issue. In fact when I go to your project, it doesn’t give me any issues, so it’s gotta be something environmental. Are you running it on maybe a work computer that has restrictions on it?

I’ve run it both on my work computer and home computer. Both are running the same OS. I am the administrator account on both. Neither has any restrictions that I know of. I am the Network Admin at work and set up all securities so if something is interfering, I don’t know what would it is.

I just tested it on a different computer here at work (Chrome on Windows 7 Home Premium) and I got the results you were getting. So I guess it has something to do with my individual Chrome settings based on my Google login. Thanks for your help!