Confusion about my dream and story of non-CS student

Hi, i found many articles on web about this.But some cases those are really different than my situation.That’s why i try to say little bit of myself first for make it easy to give your valuable suggestion.That’s why it will be a bit long and please forgive me to take your valuable time more longer.

I’m 21 years old from Bangladesh.Currently i do study in Bangladesh National University and my major is English(Faculty of Arts).But i am not interested in English or those jobs, related to my major.I love problem solving and making new stuff using coding.So from inside i think, programming is my passion.But i have some confusions or i don’t know some cases that make me worry to find correct path.

1)According to my society it’s really funny to have a dream to get a job in google or something like that, as a national university student.Because, Nobody from national university didn’t do that before.Besides, Participating in ICPC is also not possible by me.Because i need my partners from my university.I try to convinced them to do ICPC, but i failed.Most of them are interested to get a government job like BCS.So,now it’s really hard to catches Google’s attention,but i think not impossible.
1.1)Is that possible to get job in Google from different major like English literature?
1.2)Is that really mandatory to have a college degree for google or something like that? Because first of all, I am not interested in English literature.Besides my family background is not so good to bear my university expenses.If it’s not necessary then why should i waste my money for tuition fees or mostly my time by reading novels, poems or reading history?(Don’t mind please if you love those things.But i am more comfort with programming stuff)
1.3)Is my degree is important to get work visa from my country or work country?

2)From beginning i am learning python.And Python is so cool and i feel so comfort with it.
2.1)To get job in google or something like that, Is knowing python’s data structures and algorithms so well is enough for interview?
2.2)If i make some projects using python,will it be helpful to get job?

3)I love problem solving and making new stuff.But according to my educational environment and my dream, which portion i should focus more? Programming contest or my personal projects?

Because if i take programming contest seriously then it’s better to learn C++.(python kind of slow in programming contest).But i am still doing programming with python.But if making personal projects is more important then i think python and it’s framework is really cool to do that.

4)Lastly,i feel so pain in back for sitting for a long.
4.1)Would you please recommend me a good chair as your opinion, which is helpful for programmers of software engineers? and which chair you are using? ._.
4.2)How many time should i sleep and do exercise? Can you please say how many time you sleep and do exercise ?

The chair of my dreams is called “The Emperor” :wink:

I don’t know about the major, but a bachelor’s generally helps to get a working visa and to get through the HR firewall.

Google is by far not your only option …

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