Confusion in survey form

I’m just wondering. when there is a guideline that says " <User Story #7: Inside the form, I can enter a number in a field with id="number" >.
I get confused because I don’t know whether to put “input id=”…" or “label for=”…" and it’s one of the two.
I often end up watching a tutorial on how to build a survey form almost always, I find myself putting the wrong info in. although i’m trying not to get discouraged, i’m wondering if someone can help me distinguish the difference when i’m being to to enter a number in a field with id=“number”
I hope this question isn’t too confusing, I will do my best to be more descriptive.

@Sherif123, what you can do to help yourself is to break it down.
Have you searched to see what elements make up a form? There aren’t that many elements that a form element can contain so breaking it down that way may help.

Yes it is. Think about it though. A label element does not allow for user input does it? Go ahead and revisit the lessons on form if you need to.

Watching a video/tutorial is okay but the best practice is to actually type in some code and see what happens. It can be daunting, mistakes will be made but we learn from our mistakes.

Hope this helps.
Feel free to come back and ask for additional information/clarification if needed.

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