Conic Gradient Showing in CodePen but not in GitHub?

Hi folks,

I just transferred code for a conical gradient for my webpage header on CodePen to my twin webpage on GitHub. However, the conical gradient is not showing! I also have the correct scripts in the html header tags. What could be the problem? Thanks in advance for your help

CodePen link:
GitHub link:

See screenshots below:

Also codepen does some weird stuff behind. I also had to “adjust” my code. Weirdly enough, after adjusting all little bugs showing on codepen disappeared in git pages … Your only solution(as i did) is to put browsers windows side by side with codepen and git pages and sift though incosistencies. PS: It’s better to check first in local with freshly cleaned browser cache and in several browsers and to be sure.

That error is for the javascript typewwriter function. And it just increases to 24 and more, because the function runs continuously. The error shows in CodePen too. I don’t think that should affect it…

That error reads as below (the function still runs though)

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'length' of undefined
    at StartTextAnimation

Did you tried “Analyze” html, css and js option in codepen? It shows numerous error in all three.

@codename11 , infact I just sifted through the errors ans saw this:

The javascript link conic-gradient.js is valid, so why is it saying: “This request has no response data available”?

Try to refresh while your network tab is open and you’ll get response. And you should try to use “analyze” in codepen. 2 This is just of many errors i saw. You have errors and warning in all three sections(html, css and js).

@codename11, I just took a look at some of those errors. I will try to fix them. I doubt they’ll solve the conic-gradient issue though. And yes, I had the network tab open, the conic-gradient.js has a 404 status… :tired_face::persevere:

I know you didn’t ask, but I might reconsider your design. I might consider something more sleek, elegant, and modern looking. This is much too busy. I feel like my eyeballs and my attention are being raped. This is the kind of page that I want to get off of as quickly as possible.

@kevinSmith, you kind of made me burst out laughing!:grin: Thanks for the feedback though. I will see what parts of the design I can re-consider. But while you’re here, do you know why the the the conic-gradient.js is giving a gradient status?

Sorry, I took a look but this is beyond my CSS skills.

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@codename11, I figured out the problem…first I copied and pasted the Google error from the developer’s console straight into Google’s search bar hahaha…I found out via an answer, that it could be a file path issue. So I checked my particular script tag src, and there it was! I was missing the complete damn web address! Woohoo! :grinning::grinning::grin::rofl:

But, also, thanks for telling me about the errors you found via using the analyze tools in CodePen, as I rarely use them! I corrected most of the errors in js and css…I’ll get back to the html stuff…