Conquering Redux Toolkit after a month of meltdowns

I’m a self-taught junior developer. About a month ago I decided to learn Redux/Toolkit to maximize my odds of getting hired as it’s usually listed as a plus or a requirement.

It might sound silly, but I really struggled learning it due to how their tutorial and docs are constructed. It’s been a battle to push through it as I frequently felt dumb to take so long to grasp things, having to thoroughly research everything on my own just that the bits and pieces of knowledge would finally come together.

After learning enough to patch things together, I started a new project using React, Router, Redux, TS and Sass to put my knowledge to practical use outside of tutorials. I know React, Router, TS and Sass from before. Although I already used them to make a relatively complex project, I’m no expert by any means and still have to continuously learn more to execute my ideas. The point that I’m trying to make is that even creating a project without Redux is a task for me, and trying to put together the logistics and structure of a project with Redux in the mix is quite a bigger task, especially since TS for it wasn’t covered in the tutorials.

I had about 7 meltdowns yesterday alone while trying to plan my project . I wrote almost no code after all too many invested hours. Today I woke up and decided to declare a full blown war on it, determined to write the Redux code needed for the main functionalities of my app + some other API related things even if it was the last thing I ever did.

It wasn’t all smooth sailing of course, far from it, but I successfully wrote a fully functioning-as-intended Redux code which handles a lot of different data structures!

And the biggest irony is, now when the main part of Redux for my app is done, it seems so simple. Just a couple of hours ago I was fighting for my life to make everything work in all possible cases, and now it looks like something so basic and makes me wonder why I ever had meltdowns about it.

If you feel anything like me and experience frequent self doubt regarding the journey of learning frontend, I hope this story encourages you , even if for a brief moment, to keep pushing because there’s nothing you can’t conquer if you keep trying, and things which once felt too heavy and unreachable will one day be in the tip of your finger.

Thanks for reading all the way if you did, have a great day :slight_smile:


ur words reminds me of my journey with my dl project where i had taken long breaks and finally at last put it into a partial success. :smiling_face_with_tear:

I am happy to hear u have done the project successfully. keep working :hugs:


Nice that you didn’t give up! That’s the material developers are made of and let future employers know about your successful struggles during interviews.

Your case also proves how important good, well written and clear documentation is. Train this skill as a beginner. Nobody will probably look at the files of your projects, but they will notice you documented you work. This skill is overlooked.