Console in lessons is not updating after an error occurs

I’m on the last test for JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures Projects # Cash Register. I had a glitch on my PC with JS fiddle (that’s another issue as it keeps eating ram but i just stopped using it for now) and now when I load any of the lessons the console portion when I encounter and error shows the error then stops responding.

Usually it will autoupdate as I correct the error, but it does not anymore. I have tried opening the site using an incognito window, no joy. Opened in (shudder) MS edge, same issue.

Somehow it looks like my account is pooched. Can someone let me know if that is the case or am I just missing something.

Additionally - i have cleared the cache in chrome and the cookies as well, but this is universal on all browsers (just tried firefox)

I am also on JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures. And although my setup is the same my console stops working and freezes the moment there is a Syntax Error which definitely happens as you write. To pass the courses I write the code till the end (and I cannot submit when the console is stuck apparently) then copy the code I wrote, refresh the page, paste the full code so that no syntax error occurs.

That’s what I’m seeing as well, I can do that but it’s going to be a pain!

also for any admin this is what i am seeing in the chrome developers console:

/page-data/Bowain/page-data.json:1 Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 ()
/Bowain:1 Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 ()

I am also having the same problem. It started this afternoon.

OKay i see a ticket open for it so it is on the server side:

JavaScript Challenges - Console Errors not Clearing status: waiting triage This issue needs help from moderators and users to reproduce and confirm its validity and fix.type: bugIssues that need priority attention. Platform, Curriculum tests (if broken completely), etc.

#50317 opened 5 hours ago by jeremylt

I’m having the same issue and only started coding/using this site about 4 to 6 weeks ago. Does freeCodeCamp usually get these issues fixed quickly? Guess I can review the stuff from Responsive Web Cert and start the Front End Development Lib cert in the meantime

the ticket shows as complete but I am seeing the same issue still

This seems to be a duplicate issue see this thread instead:

Give the team a bit of time to work on a fix.

At the moment, you can consider using other websites to write & test code (CodePen, MDN, …), and paste the solutions into the challenges for confirmation.

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