console.log(myArray.pop()); VS console.log(myArray.push());

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As you see here: console.log(myArray.push()); gives the new length of the new array but console.log(myArray.pop()); still gives the rest of the array itself
Why is it so different as a result ?

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// Setup
var myArray = [["John", 23], ["cat", 2]];

// Only change code below this line
var removedFromMyArray;
removedFromMyArray = myArray.pop()
console.log(myArray.push(1, 2));

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Challenge: Manipulate Arrays With pop()

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pop returns the removed element

I imagine it is returned because otherwise it is lost

push instead change the array by adding items, and it returns the new length - why? This I have no idea why it was choosen


pop() is getting an item off the end of an array.
push() is for adding an item to an array.

They are used for opposite purposes, so they have different return values.


Thank you both :smiley: