Console Show Output, Not Just Tests?

Unless I am missing something here, it seems like the new layout only outputs to the console test results, with a message as to what I should be getting when running my code. The problem is that seeing that console output is instrumental in debugging and figuring out how to achieve objectives, through calling different variables and whatnot to see what’s going on. Is that something I have the option to activate and I am missing it or just a gone feature? I gotta say it makes an impact on my learning ability.


found info here:


Is there a way of being able to copy the script and test it elsewhere? ie on repl…
has anyone taking any steps to find away around this problem

It seems that the problem persists. It’s not Feb. 2019. Does anyone know about solving this issue?

If you use console.log() things are printed in the console

Thank you very much. I’m really new at this.

Can you tell me where I put that code? I tried this but its returning undefined. I also tried it in the code area where I wrote the function but nothing happened either.
I’ve looked for videos on this and only found one other thread on the forum but I’m still wet behind the ears.

For example for what I see of your code you could write this:

let result = count - " Hold";
return result;