Const variables are lowercase

Hey there, I saw in an old topic that we should report bugs by creating new topics, so here I am, although it’s not a bug per se, more against the convention FCC teaches its students in the previous challenge. In the exercises:

every const variable is lowercased, while the tests fail in Declare a Read-Only Variable with the const Keyword if we don’t uppercase the FCC variable.

The convention isn’t to blindly apply ALL CAPS every time you see the const keyword. The convention is to use ALL CAPS for global constants in larger pieces of code.

That text is already long for that first lesson in might require more changes.

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It does come up every now and then.

Note: It is common for developers to use uppercase variable identifiers for immutable values and lowercase or camelCase for mutable values (objects and arrays).

The sentence is 10 challenges into the basic JS curriculum. I know we go on to say it will be explained but for a beginner that is a bit technical. Originally the let/const stuff came later in the curriculum which is probably why the verbiage in that note seems a bit out of place.

A few examples might also help.

const PI = 3.14159;
const DB_CONNECTION = "mongodb+srv://"
const total = 10 * 2;
const fullName = firstName + lastName;

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