Constraint Adherence: Tribute Page


My question is whether I am allowed to use CSS code from Stack Overflow in order to align-center my entire html body, or if I am supposed to be bound to the constraints of what has so far been shown in the freeCodeCamp lessons (in which case I will have to format with margins and padding and columns and whatnot, conceivably—which I don’t mind working at to figure out, if I have to).

And then I guess my overall question is whether I can just search for effects and esthetics that I want for my tribute page and utilize the code to produce the result I want (say, a particular background design instead of just a solid color). How limited to what we have covered so far in fCC am I meant to be here?

Thank you!

You should go for it anytime you can. FCC will not limit you on the effects you want to use. That is the great thing about coding, there is always 100 ways to do something.

Be aware though, that sometimes FCC will ask for something to be written on an specific way, specially with Javascript, but they’ve always made it fairly clear.

Okay, cool. So I can just decide how I want it to look and then use whatever resources I can find to make it look that way? This isn’t “cheating” or something?

Thank you!