Constuctive Criticism, Found tribute page hard

Hi all, I guess if I’m too make it to the end of this course, which is the plan I need to get involved in the forums. I don’t usually. Anyway I found making the page quite hard, Ive edited wordpress themes before to my liking but when it came to starting from scratch, it dawned on me that the hand holding had stopped.

Which is good, of course.I’m really enjoying it and definitely a lot has sunk in. Took me two days to do the page, is that average for first webpage? My biggest issue is getting the page mobile responsive.

I’d appreciate some feedback and criticism. Thanks Sean.

I liked the use of the flexbox !!!

Taking a couple days on the tribute page seems perfectly reasonable to me. Good job taking that first major step on your own.

Wow! Great job! Mine took and evening and a morning, but is way, way simpler than yours, as I had no previous knowledge going in.

Dude, this is a pretty rad design for a tribute page. It seems pretty responsive as well, so good job.

Thanks everyone! I appriciate the commentts.