Consultation for a beginner(me)

Hello, I started learning python a bit more than a month ago, i have worked on a few projects for my use(details in the p.s. section), solved issues on codewars, so i thought that i’m ready to start adding interesting projects to my resume. I started working on sudoku solver, wasn’t able to finish it and it got me tilted so hard that i don’t know where to move. I tried continue working on my projects, new projects for my resume and problems on codewars, but it feels like i’m not getting anywhere, almost like i have less knowledge now than before i started learning. I want to focus on backend development with python and all the side skills needed to become a backend developer. Anyone got advices how to proceed from this point?

I was thinking of enrolling into a course or sort of online bootcamp or finding a mentor. Probably with a small help of guidance and advices it would be easier to proceed. Is it the recommended way to go? Which courses / bootcamps would you recommend or maybe a community where i can find a mentor. Offline type of thing isn’t an option for now because of circumstances.

P.S. projects i worked on: Japanese vocabulary training app(almost done, but got to work on the design and add a few more features), scrapping script to scrap the headhunting web-site for trainee vacancies / junior vacancies(finished) and a script to help me with my everyday tasks, like quicker search on certain web-sites, adding info to word docs and another app(in work)

I have started learning python . Can you please tell me that which things are more important and basics and which things are more usually used?

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