Contact and Footer disappeared

Code is placed in my Github page

It really helps if you provide a full description of what’s going on, what should be going on instead, and what you have tried to fix your code. Currently you’re asking us to play hide and go seek somewhere in the footer?

When the Projects were not 3 in one line and 2 in the other, before I had added
these lines 204 to 207
204 @media ( max-width : 30.625em )

205 .projects-section {

206 padding: 6rem 1rem;

207 }
The Contacts and the Footer where showing.
It seems that the Projects are on top of the Contacts.
Thats the help I need, to make the Contacts and the Footer show up again.

When those lines are removed, the contact part shows up, but the Footer don’t show. But it changes the way I want the Projects on the Page.

I was able to solve the problem, but now the Projects are all shown in the same line. I wanted them in two lines. 3 Projects in each line. And if I add another Project, it also goes to the same line. Would you be able to help?

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