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When I finish my portfolio page I’d like to add a feature to it that will allow me to add new articles to it easily, without coding a page each time - something like Wordpress/Joomla/Django I think.

Has anybody built such a site? I’m also learning data analysis and mapping while I do FCC so would like a portfolio page to showcase some of that work, as well as websites and FCC challenges.



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Wordpress is easy once you get going with it. you can get themes that do exactly that. The x or the 7 for instance come with several custon portfolio post templates and they look very very good… but wheres the fun in that!

I have been thinking the same thing recently too. I was going to approach it by making a portfolio item template and filling that in as you would any other hand made web page, and then figuring out some way to show the latest ones on my portfolio and scrape a summary from the portfolio item.

I’m just not that good yet though :slight_smile:

Jekeyll is a good starting point if you want to turn your site into a impromtu, CMS. The best part is hosted Github pages will support that.