Continuation of my post about Step 56 0f HTML

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I am confused about adding the for attribute,and the console is saying the for attribute should have a value loving. i did like that and it said “expected loving but identified null” i don’t know how to go with step 56. This is what i’ve worked so far considering step 56

<input id="loving" type="checkbox"><label>loving for="loving" </label>

Do you notice how in your label element you have the text "loving for=“loving”?

<label>loving for="loving"</label>

The “for” attribute is supposed to go into your label element like this:

<label for=""></label>

so it should be like this;
<input id=“loving” type=“checkbox > loving for=” "
like this please?

But i tried it at first and it didn’t work

Example below :point_down:

<Label for"requiredvalue"> <input type="requiredvalue" id="requiredvalue"> text</label>