Continue Or Not To Continue

I’m fed up with web programming and maybe with programming at all. Can you give me advice? I don’t know whether to start to learn new language or to continue current fCC lessons. What do you think? I need your help because I’m very confused about stuff.

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Well for one I often feel like I am with you too. Sometimes I want to just quit and go about my normal day. Whenever I feel like this, usually I ask myself why I am trying to learn front-end in the first place. It may certainly be different for you, but as I am about to come off high school, I want to learn front-end so I can get a job and take of my mother and myself with a good paying profession. I try to remember that whenever I am doing this so I don’t quit and I go on FCC more.

When it comes to languages, I believe javascript, despite how irritating it can be, is the best for the future. Sure Python is easier and used for a lot of things; even Java would be viable. I think it is worth continuing to learn HTML/CSS/JS because most of the future will rely more on the Internet and JS is so far the language the web is written upon.

It really comes down to what you what to do with programming. Is it for a hobby? For a passion project? Maybe for a career like myself? Whatever your reason is, you should make that your center to fall back on when you have doubts. Programming is hard. That’s precisely why you should learn it. If you can overcome this challenge, you will be able to overcome many other things that will as hard, if not less, just need to keep moving forward.


If you don’t get satisfaction from building things with programming, I would say forget it and try something else. Lots of people do jobs they don’t enjoy but life is too short to do that.
Find something you are good at and passionate about.:heart_eyes:


I’m good at everything :grinning:

If you don’t like programming, then a different language isn’t going to change that. Learning a different language can help if the problem is that you’re just not interested in what you can do with this type of programming, but if you don’t like the process of solving coding problems then that’s fine.


You can help me out then!

Then find something where you are your best at. :slight_smile:

Don’t take me wrong but I think that you don’t really like programming. I’m an intern in a company and everyday I need to handle with projects using MeteorJS that I have no idea what the code does and sometimes I don’t even understand the code, even worst, sometimes I need to build something that I never learned how to do it, which makes my brain get an overflow error, but the thing is that I don’t mind because I love coding \o/
Like Johnny Bizzel said, if you don’t like programming, don’t waste your time on it, life is to short. And it doens’t matter if you change to another language, and to be honest with you JavaScript is not that hard to learn.
BUT if you really like programming, then take things slowly. When you start feeling overwhelmed and bored with what you’re coding, start building apps or websites, the best way to learn a language is to practice.
Well, that’s it, good luck man!


How could I help you?

Sure. You can start with explaining why you are fed up. Give us lots of details.


You know those little tasks that I couldn’t solve for myself and saw their solutions - kills me inside.
I can’t imagine myself coding lines of codes while sticking to those tasks. I’m totally sure that little kids can solve them very easily.
And concerning predestination. I can compose some music but it’s also not so good. I’m tearing apart between these ideas: whether continue to learn “the web” or to give up and start over again.

You said you are “good at everything”. Then you are good at helping others?
We all need help sometimes.

If you hate programming, then you should quit. Why would you want to pursue a career in a field you hate? There is nothing wrong with deciding it’s “not for you”. Maybe your skills of interests lie elsewhere. There is no shame in not being a coder. It doesn’t mean that you aren’t smart, it just means that it isn’t for you. My wife is one of the smartest people I know but would be the worlds worst coder.

But if your frustration is because you really, really want to be a coder but are frustrated about how difficult it is - then join the club. We all have times like that.

I don’t know if a “new language” is the right idea - the concepts are pretty universal. Maybe FCC isn’t for you. FCC requires a lot of self motivation and a lot of research skills. But these are good skills for a coder to have.

My advice would be to start chipping away at what is frustrating you. I keep a list called “Things I Don’t Understand” next to my computer. It’s a long list, but getting shorter. They’re things I ran into that didn’t quite make sense. Usually I got though them but didn’t have the understanding I would have wanted. When I’m bored, I start reading about them or watching youtube videos about them. If I get really stuck, I ask the forum of SO. Just start chipping away.


irritating ?
it has architectural quivers, but I wouldn-t call them sores or irritations of any kind.
Any coding language has their own shortcomings.
I’d say it has a tough curve, but once you dig deep into the meat of the ocncepts, you can take on the world!!!

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I think you don’t need any advice because you said, you are good at everything. :grinning:


When I started programming I wasn’t sure if I liked it. I went into it because it’s an in demand skill that I am good at. (Also, I do consider myself good at most things I work on like you).

For the first few months I wasn’t excited about it. Pushing into arrays. Styling with CSS. Nothing exciting. I went from FCC to an online bootcamp for 2 months that I quit.

Now I am doing Colt’s course on Udemy. I LOVE IT. What’s the difference? You build awesome projects. You follow along programming several really cool projects and he get’s you to this point very fast. At least for me it was fast because I already knew a lot of the foundation at this point.

I think there is a certain amount of skillset you acquire in programming and at that point it becomes exciting because you realize you can build soo many cool things.

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Programming is not all about the web.

I can imagine that people like programming very much but absolutely hate the web environment. Do not fear.

When you know your math consider to learn C and C++. There are many companies in the real tech-sector that are searching for people with these skills. So your next job: program the engine emission of a Volkswagen and this time without the fraud :slight_smile:


What drew you to programming in the first place? Was it the idea of being able to make software, or make new things in general? Because coding isn’t the only role in making software.

Maybe try focusing on design instead? Like, visual design for the front-end, something like that?

I think that a “design role” is a luxury role, when the company is making less money, you are too (if not fired).

Every time I write a program I am creating something new. So it is not about writing code but it is about delivering something new or better (how small or big the program is? Not important).

Well there are definitely jobs in UI UX design out there. Very important if you ask me.

I think that a “design role” is a luxury role

Totally disagree. The success of a product or app will depend on a good user experience. That’s design.

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