Contributors for a new GitHub project

Hy campers!
I made a new GitHub repository and I am serious about the goals of this project. I just wanted to tell you that actually only me and my friend are working on this project but we would be really happy to see new contributors.

Anyway, the project is simple. It’s a story sharing website where a registered user can upload new short stories and others can write new threads for that story. For more info click here or write me a message.

You cloud learn with others in this new project.

Thank you for reading this!

Hey Martin, I would be willing to help you out on this project. I have done multiple group projects with Chingu cohorts in the past, so I know how to approach this. If you would like, I can get a backend setup and running for you with a connected DB(mongoDB) and a server(Heroku). If your interested just add me to the repo, my github id is josh5231

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