Conversion into .filter method

Does anyone here help me to to convert this IF condition into .filter method?

Hello there.

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Sorry .
can i write this code in a different way?
onBookShelfChange = (e) => {
const shelf =;
this.props.onShelfChange(, shelf);

Assuming that searchResults is a list of books, I think what you are trying to do is something like this:

searchResults = searchResults.filter(book => book.shelf === this.props.books.find(b => ===;
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Thanks and what about this one ?I also want this one to change into .filter.

onShelfChange = (book, shelf) => {
    BooksAPI.update(book, shelf).then(
      this.setState((state) => ({
        books: => {
          if (b.title === book.title) {
            b.shelf = shelf;
            return b;
          } else {
            return b;
        loading: false,

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Alright ,thanks for informing.

This a weird way of writing React to be honest, anyways, an update method usually works as follow:

  • You pass as a parameters the elements you want to update
  • Find the element you passed as parameter in your list of elements, in this case in your list of books you find the book you passed as a parameter.
  • Once the element is found, you update its values.

Now you need to think how to do it in React. Your list of books is in your state object.