Convert bracket to dot notation #67 RPG

Can anyone show me an example? I seem to be missing something.

Let’s say you have an object called people and it has a nameInput property which contains the string “John”.

const people = {
   age: 25,
   nameInput: John

Now, say you wanted to store the value of nameInput in a variable called nameData. Now you COULD just do…

const nameData = people[0][1];

However, a much simpler and more readable method would be to use dot notation.
If we wanted to access nameInput from the object people. We could simply do this…

const nameData = people.nameInput;

If you found my reply confusing, just let me know and I’ll try my best to make it simpler! :grin:

Thank you for your response! Would you mind showing me an example in which the value “people” were a string with more than one word? For example “tall people”. Thanks!

Variables don’t allow the usage of 2 words separately. If you want to use two words, try using camelCase =)
Instead of…

const "tall people" = "people"; // this would bring an error

We can do…

const tallPeople = "people"; // this would be correct