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hey guys, may anyone please tell me why else if (smallBigReg.test(str)) { return str.replace(smallBigReg, '<>') } this code not passing? if I try to log it inside the if statement it doesn’t show as well, I am not sure why. Ty :slight_smile:

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function convertHTML(str) {
const andReg = /&/ig;
const smallerReg = /</ig;
const biggerReg = />/ig;
const doubleQuoteReg = /"/ig;
const aposReg = /'/gi;
const smallBigReg = /<>/ig;

if (andReg.test(str)) {
return str.replace(andReg, '&amp;');

else if (smallerReg.test(str)) {
return str.replaceAll(smallerReg, '&lt;');

else if (biggerReg.test(str)) {
  return str.replace(biggerReg, '&gt;');
else if (doubleQuoteReg.test(str)) {
return str.replace(doubleQuoteReg, '&quot;');
else if (aposReg.test(str)) {
return str.replace(aposReg, '&apos;');
else if (smallBigReg.test(str)) {
return str.replace(smallBigReg, '&lt;&gt;')
else if (str) {
  return str;

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because this is true first, and only the first true condition is executed in a if/else chain

Ah. Alright, thank you for the help :slight_smile:

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