Convert HTML Entities - Schindler's List not Passing

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The code is working perfectly fine in jsfiddle, etc but it is not passing the case : convertHTML(“Schindler’s List”)

Please help. Its working for other code playgrounds.

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function convertHTML(str) {
  var map = {
    '&': '&',
    '<': '&lt;',
    '>': '&gt;',
    '"': '&quot;',
    "'": '&​apos;'
  return str.replace(/[&<>"']/g, function(m) { return map[m];   });

console.log(convertHTML("Schindler's List"));

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Try retyping &apos; (not copy-paste). Somehow in your code there’s an invisible character after the & character in &apos;.

Damn! Thanks for pointing such a silly error out.