Convert my css to bootstrap

Hi this is the link to my code pen and I have made just a simple website that outlines about Saygin Yalcin. but I have made it into a css nightmare can you help me to minimize the css work for me with the help of bootstrap and what do you think about my css in general and where can I improve on my website what do you think

I don’t find your CSS particularly nightmarish. As far as converting to Bootstrap, that is really something you should do. That is the point - for you to learn. If you have a specific question on how to do something in BS, then we are more than willing to help, but the “redo my project in a different library for me” idea isn’t in the spirit of learning. Just spend some time with BS, take a look at some tutorial, have a look at some youtube tutorials, and work it out. Check with us if you get stuck on something.

Also, realize that as your first project, this doesn’t need to be mind-blowingly amazing. Just get it to look good, even if it isn’t exactly what you have in mind. Some people get freaked out about pixel-perfection when they don’t have the skills for that yet.

Just give it a shot and let us know if you get stuck. Must ask a specific question. Tell us what you want it to do, what it’s doing instead, and show us what you tried. Be specific.