Convert string to URL slugs. Help with passing one of the tests

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Can somebody help me? My solution doesn’t pass one of the tests (urlSlug(" Winter Is Coming") should return "winter-is-coming" .) and I don’t know why.

I tried priting to the console the value I’m returning and it looks like it is returning what it should return indeed. Does somebody know what might be causing this? Thanks!

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// The global variable
var globalTitle = "Winter Is Coming";

// Only change code below this line
function urlSlug(title) {
title = title.trim()
let lowercaseTitle = title.toLowerCase();
let splitTitle = lowercaseTitle.split(/\W/)
console.log (splitTitle.join("-"))

// Only change code above this line

urlSlug(" Winter Is Coming")

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Challenge: Apply Functional Programming to Convert Strings to URL Slugs

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urlSlug(" Winter Is Coming") returns:

It produces an extra -.

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There are two ways I can think of to solve this problem.
First, is by using the combination of the following:

  • trim() to remove white spaces at start and end
  • split(’ ') to split words per space
  • join(’-’) to join them
  • toLowerCase() to make all strings lowercase.

The second option I can think of is through the use of the following:

  • trim(),
  • toLowerCase(), and
  • replace(/\s/g,’-’) to replace white spaces between words with ‘-’

Also, do not forget to ‘return’ the result of your function instead of wrapping it inside console.log()

I hope it helps. :slight_smile:

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