Converting SASS to SCSS file

Hi Coders,

Is there anyway how to convert SASS to SCSS file conversion. If there is any possible options please let me know If any solutions.

As per my understanding, We have some online converter that can convert from SASS to CSS and then again need to convert from CSS to SCSS file. Please let me know If this solution is correct to go?

Thanks & Regards,
Saravanan Sambandam

Ensure Ruby sass is installed (node sass or dart sass or whatever don’t support this afaik).
It will make available a command called sass-convert
To convert all files in the current directory and all subdirectories,

sass-convert -R ./ -F sass -T scss

Note - Ruby sass has been discontinued, but you can still clone it from GitHub:

git clone
cd ruby-sass/bin # need to be in this directory for requires to work
./sass-convert file.sass -F sass -T scss