Converting website to AMP. Need advice

Hey guys,

I`m a junior developer and freelancer, actually coding for almost one year. My current client wants from me to convert his website to AMP(Accelerated Mobile Pages). And I am not sure if this is a good step. My main concern is a consequence on SEO and UX after the change will happen. Another point is time and difficulty of the whole proccess. According official google guide it looks pretty straightforward, but I worry that it could be tricky. Have you had any experiences with this?


Don’t waste your time unless your site is targeted at countries in Africa where data is considered gold. The extra work and poor UX in my opinion is not worth the effort. We added AMP to this site. All we ended up with was tons of AMP errors from Google which did not really exist and having to maintain 2 versions of each page. WP plugins say they can do this for your auto. But it always messes up. Don’t do it. Wait.

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