Cookie's Bakery

Here’s a business page I created using HTML and CSS

A promising start! Some of the text is difficult to read against the frosting. A couple of the images are stretched. The gallery sends you to the top of the page, and the navigation at the top, as well as the form on the bottom look weird on mobile.

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I noticed the mobile and the text part, thanks for the feedback will fix all the issues!

I’m getting hungry from looking at this :star_struck:

Something wrong is happening with menu bar on the smallest devices. Additionally I would suggest to add darker background or applied text-shadow for better readability. You could also add customization to the form section: input and textarea. Maybe some padding, border styling, font and definitely change the hover color of the button (that shade of blue does not suit very well here).

Overall it is styled very nice, very pleasant page. Congrats!

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You’ve used beautiful photographs and create a happy page that is pleasant to look at. There are still a few things that can be improved though. The words in the welcome and about section are really hard to read against the background. You could move text to the side so that it is not smack in the cakes or change the color to a darker brown. Maybe you could work on the opacity of that background with pseudo elements just take care not to ruin that bright happy picture. Could you make a big cake in which the text is actually written with butter cream or sugar? I like that you can see the photos through the nav element, it adds sophistication. The logo to the right is bit small and lost but it is a really nice donut. I make it larger and maybe animate it with a rotation or something.
I would not use a photograph as background in the gallery and I would make the gallery a lot larger, your cakes are the crowning glory of your page aren’t they?
I like the background of your contact section very much, it’s out of the way and is engaging at the same time. I would jazz up the input fields somewhat, the name and email fields are wider than the suggestions box and there’s no border radius on that. Maybe a bit of border, do you really need these labels? There’s placeholder text.

Thanks for your Feedback! I will try to fix the issues with the mobile menu problem, and thanks for the suggestions with the form! :grinning:

Thanks for the Feedback! I will fix the issues and make it look better! :grinning: