Cool javaScript free video course!

I’ve seen the first 5 chapters, those are free videos explaining functional programming and comparing it with procedural programming … and this is one thing makes javaScript something special :wink:
Didn’t got old for the concepts involved (it started in 2015)


Love this Youtuber. He’s informative and engaging!

I will certainly be checking this out. I have been wondering about functional programming.

I don’t really understand why you think it makes JavaScript special. You can do functional programming in Python, OCaml and even C++ too. JS is not the only multi-paradigm programming language.

C++ doesn’t enable functional programming (neither c# nor java), but you can add Python to Haskell + Perl 6 + Erlang + Elixir + Lisp + Clojure + D + R + SequenceL and compare their usage (of all of them to together) with javaScript alone :sunglasses:
Non procedural languages can be beautiful when used correctly and with sharpness. This course shows you that, as an example, transforming loops into properties and reducing the size of the code by more than half of the original lines, at least for me, it is something very attractive in a programming language

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the Link is missing , Can you please let me know the details about this free course?

Check your browser or PC protection (in my PC is fine), but if you add the https to the string below you will see it :wink:

Have watched almost all of these videos, This guy definitely is love. He is humorous and that makes his videos more interesting.

@LuisGonzaga - You’ve gotten a lot of replies. One thing I see in all browsers (Mac), is if you click on ‘YouTube’ icon it will take you to YouTube to view. You can also right click in video and should be ‘copy url’ option. HTH.