Cool! Your thoughts on my leaderboard project?

Just finished the leaderboard challenge using React. Please have a look.

One thing that I wanted to add, is a sorting functionality to the grid. I haven’t found any good way to get it working.
Anyone has a working example that I can reference?


I would either remove of shorten the shadows, they’re far too blunt. I would also add a link in the images of each camper, instead of linking their profile only in the name section, the font from the title could also be improved.
Adding the height of your page to 100% and making overflow: scroll could also improve usability.

And your sorting is working fine, what do you mean by that? You’re supposed to sort by all time and past 30 days only.

Thank for your suggestions. It helped me to lean a bit more about CSS styling.

I have updated the page, however, there is one thing that I am not clear on:

In one of my challenges, I used 100% width and overflow for my h2 title, so I have a basic understanding of the what they do. However, adding the scrollbar was problematic as the td row got cut off. I will try again.