Copy an Array with the Spread Operator...arr

Follow what num does, and you will see in one case you get a 0 as lowest number in the brackets and in the other case you get a 1

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sorry can not get it , is not that example using same method ?!

Which example? I am not understanding your question.

I mean that code you shared in the comment

So what are you trying to understand about the code you posted above in the repl?

sorry but i still can not understand the difference between using push(arr) , and push([…arr]) , i see the same output in the example you mentioned

Try to use both of those in this tool and see the difference

One create a copy, the other a reference

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The test case for this lesson seems to be incorrect. If you run the given code:

const arr1 = ['JAN', 'FEB', 'MAR', 'APR', 'MAY'];
let arr2;
(function() {
  "use strict";
  arr2 = []; // change this line

The test results says:
arr2 is correct copy of arr1 .

If you read it as “should be”, then it is clearer. Some tests are worded in a confusing way, but there it shows what you are not passing and that means that arr2 is not a correct copy of arr1

I also don’t understand the difference between […arr] and (arr), I used the tutor made changes to the code but I can’t see any difference between them, I also used it on the browser, same return…no difference

let arr = [0,0,0]
let newArr = [];

// now newArr is [[0,0,0],[0,0,0]]
// let's make a change to arr...
arr[1] = 1;
console.log(arr) // [0,1,0]
console.log(newArr) // [[0,1,0], [0,0,0]]

when you push just arr then newArr will hold a reference - any change to arr will be reflected in the subarray of newArr
if you push a copy, like you do with [...arr] that’s a new array not connected to the starting arr

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For those still not get the difference between
newArr.push(arr); & newArr.push([…arr])
imagine you want to conduct a paper test(arr) for 10 student(num).
see newArr.push(arr); as making 10 copies using a photocopy machine. if you alterate the original copy…and start printing again, you changes will reflect on the photocopies.

see newArr.push([…arr]); as using a scanner, if you scan an original copy and you start printing… making changes to the hard copy in you hand does not affect the scanned copy.

I hope my story helps…smile

i have this one line answer working

const arr1 = ['JAN', 'FEB', 'MAR', 'APR', 'MAY'];
let arr2;

arr2 = [...arr1];  // Change this line


arr2 = […arr1];

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Sorry for that!
I will take care of this for sure from next time.
That was unprofessional of me sharing solution instead encouraging people to learn and explore.
Thanks for marking it!