Copying the design of someone else's project

I’m currently working on the Night Life App. I saw someone’s project and I really like their design. I was wondering is it okay to copy their design if my code is completely different to theirs?

If you spent hours/days/weeks on a great looking design, would it bother you if someone took your design and just made some coding changes to achieve the same functionality? My guess is you would not be happy about it. I know I would not. Plus, copying someone else’s design would violate FCC’s Academic Honesty Policy.

You should come up with your own design. It is fine to be inspired by others’ projects, but build it from scratch or use a framework to get you started. Your goal should be to have your project stand out from all the rest.

My bad, I had thought the Academic Honesty Policy only applied to code and not on design. Thank you for clearing this up for me.