Correct code not working

Hi all,

Is it just me or have you typed in line/s of code with NOTHING wrong with them, only for them to bring up exception errors. To then cut and paste in EXACTLY the same code from notepad or elsewhere and it works. Look, I’m loving this course but when I spend 5 friggin hours typing in code, wondering what the hell I’m doing wrong and it turns out that I’m not actually doing anything wrong at all, it’s some sort of glitch. The laptop has been almost thrown a few times.
I love the course but that’s frustrating.
From now on, I’m typing my code in notepad and cutting and pasting it across. God knows the time I’ve wasted when I didn’t need to


Which browser are you using? And does this happen often or “just” a few times?

I Think i had the same problem several times. After a few checks I couldn’t find any mistakes. With me just copy-pasting from FCC text editor itself and then refreshing helped. If you want to type it in a different text editor I’ll advice you to just download Atom or Sublime. then you’ll have the code recognition and It’ll color up the same as on FCC at least you’ll know your not making a typo.
good luck!
If your gonna throw your laptop out of the window let me know, I’ll catch it, I really need a new one :wink:

It happens to me all the time as well. One adivice I can give you is to pay attention on capital letters punctuation, white spaces and semicolon on the end of your lines of code, those things really metter on FCC. I think this as a traing for debugging real code kkkk.

Hi Guys.

Glad it isn’t just me.
I’m using Firefox to browse. It happens on both my little laptop and the big one…

R-Z… you’d at least have warning it was coming based on the loud string of swearing I’m parsing at var vol > 10; hae ha ha ha…