Correct terminology?

Hello, bit of a ‘linguistic’ question I was hoping someone could help with please? When people list the ‘technologies’ they used within a project, they are referring to programming languages, frameworks etc. that they used (from my understanding), but what would be the correct term to use when referring to the ‘features’ you used within a project? Let’s say interactive buttons, flex, grid, nav. menu - how should these ‘features’ be referred to collectively? I just want to know the correct language to use…eg “I used the following ‘features’ in this project…”

Hi there! You’re talking here about


Responsive Web Design

Semantic Markup

According to MDN, there is a list of modern web dev concepts, such us:

  • Cross-browser compatibility
  • Responsive web design
  • Performance
  • Accessibility
  • Internationalization
  • Privacy & Security

You can learn more about Web best practices here:

thank you, but what single word can I use to describe everything I used, as in “The … I used in this project were the following:”

Technologies, concepts, best practices, approaches, standards, whatever you like

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In the context you described, you’re essentially referring to the components, functionalities, or elements that you incorporated into your project. There isn’t a standard term that universally encompasses all these aspects, but you can describe them as “components,” “functionalities,” or “elements.”

For example:

"I implemented the following components in this project..."
"The project incorporates various functionalities such as..."
"Key elements of this project include..."

Using terms like “components,” “functionalities,” or “elements” allows you to convey the diverse aspects of your project beyond just the technologies used.

The short answer is that there isn’t really a given term for pieces of a language or library that you’ve used because it doesn’t come up very often. The examples you listed are just parts of a web UI.