Correction for Get the most out of Ruby by using the .select .map and .reduce methods together

I was just looking for something similar to reduce and read the article by Declan Meehan, but despite the comment “Please let me know if you have any questions.” there didnt seem to be a way of sending a correction in.

Anyway, the problem is with the part that reads: This one probably looks the most confusing so let’s expand it a bit.

.reduce(0){|sum, indv| sum + indv} #is the same as .reduce(:+)

And the problem is simple these are NOT equivalent! It looks good when there is something to add

irb> [1,2,3].reduce(0){|sum, indv| sum + indv}
=> 6
irb> [1,2,3].reduce(:+)
=> 6

But not with the empty array:

irb> [].reduce(0){|sum, indv| sum + indv}
=> 0
irb> [].reduce(:+)
=> nil

THIS is what its equivalent to:

[].reduce{|sum, indv| sum + indv}

Tested with RUBY_VERSION “2.5.6”

And this is the recommended shortcut soln:

[].reduce(0, :+)

(I twigged to the problem because I wondered how does it know its adding integers rather than fractions or complex numbers?)

ah, yes, the comment part is not loading in the News part.

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