Corrupted progress?

I created an account in 2015 via GitHub and apparently forgot it existed. I started another run this spring by creating an account by email. Now the interaction between these two accounts seems to beget strange behavior: the new account’s profile shows only the data from the old account and won’t update any progress made on the new account. A rather nasty manifestation of this problem is that even though I claimed my FEC, it doesn’t show on my page. Is there any way of merging these accounts, preferably by keeping most recent solutions for each challenge?

Your two accounts are separate, so it sounds like you’re looking at your old account profile instead of your new one.

OK, more info…

My profile page is located at regardless of whether I sign in via the deprecated GitHub link or via my (new) email. My old profile has 213 brownie points, which are shown correctly in the nav bar when I’m logged in as the old me, whereas my “new me” has 204 points in the nav bar (I’ve skipped some of the elementary challenges), while the profile obviously shows the 213 points of my previous self. The Map shows each account’s progress correctly.

Interestingly, my new profile’s page didn’t actually show ANY progress or solutions before trying to sign in with my old account. Only after visiting my Github-era profile did my new account acquire my old account’s profile page – although apparently in readonly mode.

When you log in to your new account and then click on your avatar or brownie points, you’re saying that link takes you here?

Correct. Both accounts share the same profile page, but only the actions on the old account are reflected on it.

Do you have your new account connected to your GitHub account? If so, I wonder if that’s what’s causing the conflict.

Why not simply delete the old account?

Well, deleting the old account surely fixed the issue. :slight_smile: