Costumer survey

I have finished my survey form project .So ,would l to get some feedback on it and also would like to know what other things i could do.

Good reasponsive page.
But a background of the page looks bad because of reapeating. We see border of each repeat of the image which you used as the background image.

Padding on small vieport too big I think.

Some of form items are labels others are not. Please fix it.

I’m not sure about a blue color. While it is a one of the primary color it’s really hard to read a text on it.

Don’t understand why did you create additional divs. Check this:

You have a .rowTab class to position two elements: .labels, .rightTab which contain one element each. You can delete .labels, .rightTab and position label and input with flexbox or gread or (in your case ) with display: inline-block; .
Extra divs complicate the work with a code for you in the future and for another programmers.

Anyway I haven’t seen any CSS for your .rowTab.

Another suggestion: use responsive units like em,rem,vm,% etc where you can to use it. This will allow your page to loog good at different devices. Read W3C CSS Units article for more information.

Sometimes your checkboxes look bad:

For mobile users it is not important but for desktop users would be much better if you make a hover affect to your button with cursor and/or any other CSS.

Your label sometimes is not the label. It is just decription for the item of the form and an for attribut doesn’t work because there is no input field with id=“most-like”.

Please don’t use inline CSS.

I think you know HTML enough to make your page much better. Just pay more attantion for little thing like labels and so on.

Stay tuned and have a nice code @zakiya27 :wink: