Could anyone suggest of online website for pair programming

Does anyone know of online website where you can collaborate with other coders on a project. Or pair with someone to work on a project together.

where you can collaborate with other coders on a project.

Chingu!| :smiley:

Chingu - Medium


ohh, I know there are a few collaboration editors out there. my question is more where to go to open a project and ask someone to join in for collaboration. coders wanting to do the same. just work on projects for practice and experience


Chingu process is very similar: you sign in for the next voyage → when it’s about to start an email is sent to everyone accepted → you join, knowing the other coders → teams are created ( by chingu team not by people themselves ) → you join your team, decide what idea to apply, roles, stack, make docs, organize meeting … → build the project → … .

I had my first english-spoken call and my first vscode liveshare session, and now i’m struggling inside a real git flow, helping other people that are behind, getting help from people that are above.

I think it’s simply awesome! :smiley:

In chingu, I filled an application, but I haven’t heard back from them

Honestly i don’t know when the next voyage start^^
Probably will be weeks rather than days ^^