Could I be flagged?

Hello there fellow coders!

I have just been finishing off all the javascript challenges and claimed my certification instantly because, damn, that was quite a challenge and I was relieved. Yet after claiming the certification, my eyes laid on the academic honesty disclaimer which I read again and now I’m worried.

You see, for one of the challenge, my solution was lost somehow despite I had it passing all the tests. I probably didn’t submit it and just closed the page… Silly. Anyway when I did return on the curriculum, it showed as not having been done. Because I was a little frustrated, I went to the hints, copied the first solution, and commented at the top explaining that I lost my solution so I am using FCC’s one to avoid coding it again.

I really love FCC and care very much for the opportunity we have on there, so I really don’t want to get flagged because of it. I’ve worked a lot on these too!

What I did just now was resubmitting my solution (which I’ve rewritten), and I can see on my profile that my previous code is now unavailable, but I can’t see my new code yet.

Now I’m wondering, will I possibly get flagged despite changing my solution to my own right after claiming the certificate? Maybe I need to contact FCC before they see the first solution? Not sure how the verification process works here!

(For info, it was the telephone number verification challenge)

Thank you!

yes, it’s possible that your account will be flagged. You need to submit code made by you.

Thank you!

I’m not too sure you actually read what I’m saying though. Not only did I originally comment the code I copied epxlaining the situation, but I also just now rewrote my original code and resubmit it because I got flag-scared. So the point is: I never had the intention to cheat, and this is why I resubmitted my original code that I had wrote.

make sure the new submission has gone through and you are fine

Good news! It looks like the new code has replaced the first one so I’m happy. Hopefully that works!

Thank you :slight_smile: