Could I get some feedback on my Random Quote Generator?

Hi everyone,

The design phase is kind of where I stumble. I like the theme I have going, but would like some critiques on the implementation. I’m pretty proud of the random quote generation itself, but from what I was reading the syntax might be a little old. Full disclosure there: I forked the wikiquotes-api and added the random name functionality (they had a random quote functionality up and running, but it required the user to enter the name of an individual who made the quote. I added functionality so that the user can get a random quote from a random person). My thanks go out to the authors of the wikiquote-api.


Got twitter functionality up, but I could DEFINITELY use some help on that one. Only way I could figure out how to get the auto-populated text on the twitter button to update with the new quote was to delete the iframe it generated and remake the button… which means it disappears and then reappears, which looks… dumb to say the least haha.

it looks nice on Pc but
magine in your phone how it will looks?

work better on this url,

Thanks! Yeah, the repetition isn’t great. I’ll see what I can do to improve the appearance of that. Also, why do you say it works better on that url? I’m using jsonp and haven’t had any problems with the https, but let me know if your experience with the pen was different. Thanks again!

I think I got it working much better across all screen sizes thanks to your input!