Could someone tell me why i am wrong pls

  modifier - start.split(" ")[1]
  initial_modifier - modifier

  start - start.split(" ")
  start - '',jion(start)

  hour - int(start.split(":")[0]) + int(duration.split(":")[0]) 
  minute - int(start.split(":")[0]) + int(duration.split(":")[1]) 

That’s just a bunch of calculations without any assignments…
Plus it literally spits out an error saying “modifier” is not declared as a variable.

The following code seems somewhat reasonable, though there are severe syntax errors and segments which seem like you have no idea what you are doing, while others seems fine.
Plus you try to use f-strings, but you are not using them correctly.

could you show me how to declare modifier as a variable ? because i am clue less

If you aren’t sure about how to declare variables, you probably should go through some more introductory materials before trying to complete this project.

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That’s a lot of code for someone who is clueless about how to declare a variable…

You declare a variable in the very first line of the function: modifier_later=0
Ok technically this is an “assignment” of the value 0, while Python will automatically “declare” the variable if it does not yet exist in the code → but only if an assignment is happening.

thx for telling me i understand now

but for some reason now they are telling me this is wrong
[boilerplate-time-calculator-19 - Replit]

Please just post the error message ^^°
Because right now it’s basically “str doesn't have jion” → which is just a spelling error on your side because it’s “join” not “jion”.

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tysm i got it right now xd

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