Could you please give me the feedback of my survey form project?

Your form looks like it’s taking almost the full page width. I believe forms usually are a fraction of the page width and have a nice looking border.
Your form should be prominent and the background subtle.
Use more padding /margins in around your form elements.
Make your list elements left-aligned and not centered.

Hope that helps.

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I like the use of fieldset and legend elements.

The subtle 0.3 second transition on the button was a nice touch.

Was it intentional for the background image to only appear in viewports less than 800px wide?

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Hi @Earthrise .
How’re you doing?
Yes. The button transition was intentional. I’m coding with my iPhone using CodePen website. I don’t know how my website looks in laptop screen. I’m trying to make it responsive. I hope you could see things clearly on my survey form project.

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