Could you rate my new portfolio?


I have just finished the portfolio page challenge, and I am very excited to get into JS.
But first, I am eager to know your opinions about it. You can view it either on codepen or my website.
I meant it to be as simple and elegant as possible, so you might find it boring or not attractive. That’s why I am asking you guys for some recommendations.

On the other hand, I need your help because one of the contact buttons isn’t working properly as the other two (it is not fully clickable).

Update! debugged using z-index property

PS. The page is not responsive, I am working on a grid version of it.

First I’ve seen 429 error on your website. After reloading I could see the page.

Check images because they’re seem to have wrong size or maybe are not responsive.
Facebook link on hover sometimes works sometimes not, check it.

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Hi I like the design. I love how simple it is indeed. The transforms are cool too. The “product landing page” link actually links to your survey form. You may need to consider how this page would scale once you start adding more and more projects to your portfolio. When you implement the responsive styles dont forget to
Include your viewport meta tag. I did and it costed me a lot of time in debugging things that would have been easy to fix, had I not forgotten it.

The mailto link will cause the users browser to open the default mail client application. Some people do not have this configured. It comes configured by default on some desktop systems but not all. If your mail client is not configured on your desktop It will seem to not work. Also, remove the space after the “mailto:”, that might help. Here’s a link to some documentation on the mailto link.

Hope this helps.

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You should try using and html validator to check your code. I use this one to validate my code. I checked your site with the validator and it showed a few errors. This one will check your css. I use these tools a lot, hope they help you.

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Thank you!
Yeah, there is something wrong about the first button and the images. I am gonna debug it.

Thank you for your great insights.

In fact, the first link in the HTML page indicates to the product landing page, but there’s a bug in positioning I’m going to fix it. I will put the mailto issue into consideration.
I was in a great need of such validators, thanks for sharing.

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I am grateful for your insight, but can I do that with plain CSS?

I think this is gonna be my next weekend’s challenge, besides fixing the bugs.
Thank you!