Could you recommend books (or whatever) for beginner?

Hello to all of my potential teachers!

I am a college student who isn’t computer science major.
I am really (like really) interested in learning programming by myself.

So, to the point, could you suggest books (or any kind of method of learning) for newbies like me?
(You can exclude “FreeCodeCamp” because I’m definitely going to use it)
I, honestly, don’t really know where to start. So anything you tell me would be helpful to me. Also, being specific would be spectacular!

I thought it would be nice to get suggestions from programming experts like all of you!
Thanks for helping this kid out.
All of you will now be contributors to my next Facebook.

I would recommend udemy They have a lot of web developer courses. paid and free. Make sure you enroll for beginner courses.

As for books, I recommend “HTML5 The Missing Manual, 2nd Edition” and “html a beginners guide 4th edition”. I started with these. you don’t have to finish them, just read till you have that gut feeling to move ahead to more challenging things. —> :thumbsup:

considering udemy will be good but you have to pay few dollars to access the course and if you are looking for a good start go with a guy called ROb percival or you can google him anyway .Also try it will help you a lot and it is free

Try these.


Oh no! don’t use W3C! It’s one of the worst ressources that you’ll ever use ! (no offense intended @Kirezi)

UPDATE: Never mind what I said.

no prob @karimdag, I would like just to know the reason why it’s considered the worst

25 Free Resources for New JavaScript Developers

My bad. It’s actually OK now to use the site. Anyway, here’s the reason that pushed me to say that in the first place: