Could you review my portfolio and provide feedback please?

I am about to fully commit to applying for roles and have some projects and a portfolio ready to go. I would love to get some feedback on things to improve the chances of getting an interview.
Here is the site:

Thank you and it is greatly appreciated!


This is amazing @giterdun345! Portfolio looks good, hope you are successful!

Your website looks awesome! The only thing I would say is under your “about me” you have a link for projects I think, but it doesn’t really go anywhere when you click on it, so I’m not sure what the purpose of it is. Again your site is pretty great, when I know a lot more maybe I’ll have better constructive feedback.

I like the Animation in you portfolio, It is beautiful. All the best

Hello @giterdun345,
Your site look really great.
One thing I found while trying with phone-size screen:

I think it is because of the transparency.

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Awesome thank you for the catch. It definitely helps to have additional eyes available when trying to create something.

Thank you! It was funny to me using jQuery with react so my next step is translating all the code to be solely react and I think I would try gsap for the animations this time.

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I must have missed it when I first published but it seems to be working now. I will try some different browsers to check if there is an issue. Thank you!

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Thank you htmlfan. If I have anything to share with you guys about the hiring process I will. One thing I would share right now is that out of the 200 applications I filled out this week, only about 5 of them looked at my portfolio. I guess I need to adjust my resume and cover letter to get them more interested. HotJar is awesome to put on your portfolio because you can record each user that comes to your site and see how they interact with your page too. Pretty cool.

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