Couldn't pass the test 'GitHub strategy should be setup correctly thus far.'

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I think that I set up correctly all the requires for the Github strategy, but still, I couldn’t pass the third test '‘GitHub strategy should be setup correctly thus far.’

I used Secrets for clientID and clientSecret and tried to use like below:
const GITHUB_CLIENT_ID = process.env[‘GITHUB_CLIENT_ID’]; since the default variable name always are some to mySecret, but I just decided to use process.env[‘GITHUB_CLIENT_ID’].

const GitHubStrategy = require('passport-github').Strategy;

  passport.use(new GitHubStrategy({
    clientID: process.env['GITHUB_CLIENT_ID'],
    clientSecret: process.env['GITHUB_CLIENT_SECRET'],
    callbackURL: ''
    function(accessToken, refreshToken, profile, cb) {
      //Database logic here with callback containing our user object

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Challenge: Implementation of Social Authentication II

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The test is hardcoded to look for dot notation.

Issue opened

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Thank you for your help! :pray:t3:

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