Counting Cards Challenge#

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var count = 0;

function cc(card) {
  // Only change code below this line
  if (card <= 6){
  else if(card > 6){
  return "Change Me";
  // Only change code above this line

// Add/remove calls to test your function.
// Note: Only the last will display
cc(2); cc(3); cc(7); cc('K'); cc('A');

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There are some cards for which you don’t have to do anything, recheck better what you have to do for the various cards

You are returning "Change me!", console.log is not a return statement

If you read better you will see that you need to change count based on the current card, and then the return statement will depend on the current value of count

Your not returning anything but Change me! Also you dont check for J, Q, K, A.
Read the lesson again and take your time to understand whats asked.