Counting Cards , JavaScript challenge

Please guys help, why isn’t my code working because I failed to identify the problem.
Below is the code I have written

// Only change code below this line

if(card === 2|| card === 3||card=== 4||card===5||card===6){

  count = count++;

}else if(card ===7||card ===8||card===9){

  count = 0;

}else if(card ===10||card ==='J'||card ==='Q'||card ==='K'||card ==='A' ){

  count = count--;


 else {



 var holdbet = 'Hold'

  if (count > 0) {

    holdbet = 'Bet'


  return count + " " + holdbet;

  // Only change code above this line


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these are not the correct ways to increase or decrease countby 1, or to not change it

you may want to review how the shorthand works


That’s great but what am I suppose to do now

That’s great,
I deleted "count = " , and it worked.

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good job!

now, to make it even better you could delete the parts of your code that do nothing

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