Counting Cards Module

Hello! I was wondering how the instructor knew for the problem that count++ needed to be added? There was a previous module with Golf that did not use ++

Please provide a link to the challenge so we can see what you are referring to

My friend is full-stack developer at Amazon and even he said he had trouble with this one. When he watched the solution, he said there was no way you could’ve known how to do some of these steps with no experience lol

Note that incrementing was covered previously in this lesson:

Also, how are we supposed to know to use

return count + " " + holdbet; ?

Where in the problem does it show that we should use empty string?

The current count and the player’s decision (Bet or Hold) should be separated by a single space.

Example Outputs: -3 Hold or 5 Bet

Got it…well, if I understood ALL of the previous lessons and know how to do switch, why wasn’t I able to solve the problem? ): If I can’t solve a problem in a beginner course, should I even continue? It will only just get harder from here and there is no “homework” for practice

This stuff is hard! It’s normal to struggle. What you should do when you get stuck is ask questions on the forum.


So right now I know how to make functions and switches, so it is normal to not know how to solve the problem? For example, how are we supposed to know that we are supposed to make a variable called holdbet? where does it say to do that?

Hello there! I am wondering why this is still showing incorrect? I am referring to Counting Cards module.

function cc(card) {
  // Only change code below this line
switch (card) {
  case 2:
  case 3:
  case 4:
  case 5:
  case 6:
  case 10:
  case 'J':
  case 'Q':
  case 'K':
  case 'A':

  var holdbet = 'Hold'
  if (count > 0) {
    holdbet = 'Bet'
//return string with count and holdbet
  return count + " " + holdbet //return string with count and bethold
  // Only change code above this line

cc(2); cc(3); cc(7); cc('K'); cc('A');```

There are a bunch of ways to tackle ttis. You don’t need to have a variable called holdbet for instance.

I moved your post over here since it is part of the same conversation.

When I first pasted your code into the editor it gave me an error saying that count is not defined.

Make sure you didn’t delete this line of code at the top of the file

let count = 0;

A few things.

It looks like you are close to solving it, you just need to clean up this last part here.

First off, I would not have that if statement inside the switch.

Take it out of the switch statement.

Also, I personally don’t think you need this holdbet variable at.
I know some solutions include it but it is not really needed.

You want to refactor this portion here

The logic, if count is greater than 0 return the count and Bet else return count and Hold

I think simplifying will make your life a lot easier.

Hope that helps!

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