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I’m very new in the process of learning front-end development and joining the industry. While I know there is plenty to be learned from fCC’s certificates alone, I like to set short and long-term goals.

There are some great discounts on Udemy, and from what I’ve read here the best thing to do once you’ve completed fCC is to keep learning more in depth about CSS and JS to start moving into frameworks like React or Angular. I’ve found these two highly-rated courses that I’d like to purchase to complete in the future, I also feel this might help give me more insight where further research is required on fCC.

I don’t want to go wasting money, but like I said there is a great specials on these courses and I don’t feel like I could learn too much. Could someone who’s further down the line give me some advice on what to do here?

CCS The Complete Guide 2020:

Javascript The Complete Guide 2020:

I also don’t see any harm in having multiple accreditation on my CV

Be aware that it’s not necessarily something needs to be there – putting FCC/Udemy on your CV doesn’t say anything except “I took some self-directed online courses to learn basics”. It’s not accreditation.

FCC basically lets you dip your toe in, give you a grounding in basics of web development. Because the subject is huge, what you gain from the curriculum is broad but shallow knowledge. It often won’t go into detail, instead just introducing a thing then moving quickly onto the next thing. You have to fill in those blanks – you can’t expect to just only go through the curriculum and then know how to develop software. So it’s kinda going to be specific to you as to what you need to work on.

By all means get a hold of learning materials – it’s not going to hurt at all. An important aspect is that different people teach things in different ways. Eg you might not have understood something on FCC, but often it just takes someone explaining it in a slightly different way.

This is a reasonable diagram showing things you generally need. It isn’t at all expected that a beginner needs to understand how to use everything there, but it is reasonable to expect that they are at least aware of most things:


Thank you so much!

I think I’d rather mention my self-taught studies briefly in an about, and leave room for previous projects/portfolio and all that. I’ll include it on my LinkeIn, but that’s it.

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