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Hey All,

I had no experience before joining FCC back in October 2016. It wasn’t until mid December when I started to invest time and effort. I completed my first Tribute Page challenge, but now I am stuck on my Portfolio Page.

In regards to the challenges, I am more than halfway through Basic JavaScript. As I review other FCC Portfolios in CodePen I notice a heavy amount of JavaScript usage. My goal was not to copy at all, but to compare other beginners publishing their Portfolio.

Should I continue learning JavaScript outside of FCC before submitting my Portfolio or stick with what I know, such as Bootstrap, and complete the challenge. Maybe I shouldn’t compare but I feel as if I’m far behind or I am missing something. The Portfolio challenge is before Basic JavaScript so I’m just curious.

Sorry if this ramble doesn’t make sense. Any feedback or guidance would be greatly appreciated!


You’re going to have to learn javascript eventually. But you can also make a great looking portfolio with just HTML/CSS.

It’s possible that other people are coming into FCC with prior experience. You shouldn’t compare yourself to others, instead understand that learning to code is your own personal journey :slight_smile: .

Also — you can also go back and edit your projects at a later date if you wish.

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Your portfolio should reflect and showcase your current skill level. It’s something that shouldn’t ever really be complete as it’s essentially your resume. That being said, I just now started on mine and I’ve completed 23/30 projects. I’m sure most people changed theirs after the initial submission.