Course on all computer parts and what they do

Is there like a COMPLETE COURSE on all computer parts and what they do, how they’re measured, etc…and where everything goes(this slot , that slot, ssd upgrade, that upgrade, this that, ) and stuff ; basically everything Linus Tech Tips knows (and don’t know another way to express what I want to know)

Not sure what you’ve searched for thus far or what search terms you’ve used since you don’t mention any.

Perhaps a search for “computer hardware course” will give you what you’re looking for.

Yes, yes! Everything about computers

Hi @gururajankappa!

You could try digging around coursera or Edx to see if there is course that sparks your interest.

Roma’s answer helped me out!
There is a complete youtube course on it!

Think they’re not free.
But I did find and YouTube video.

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When you audit classes it is free

Ok I’ll do that!
Edx has better quality videos(USUALLY)

I got
Thanks a lot!
I thought I’ll need to go to some university to learn all this, in the old school way.